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Pauline Cooper & Lara Sweet / Duo
Pauline Cooper
Age: 23
Origins: Paris / France
Height: 5.35 - Weight: 108 - Vital statistics: 33/24/33

Lara Sweet
Age: 21
Origins: Prague / Czech republic
Height: 5.64 - Weight: 117 - Vital statistics: 34-68-84

We love to pair really tall dancers with more petite dancers because the height difference brings a super erotic twist to their stage show. Lara Sweet is tall and when she puts on heels she dwarfs most women. Pauline Cooper is a skinny, petite thing with flawless alabaster skin. There is a good 3in difference in their height and when they play with heels it gets greater. Watch these ladies tease and turn each other on, while playing with dominant and submissive roles on the stage.

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