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Vicktoria / Solo

Age: 26
Origins: Prague / Czech republic
Height: 5.71 ft - Weight: 121 lb - Vital statistics: 37/24/35

One look at Vicktoria and the word gorgeous comes to mind. This tall and leggy blonde is a real show stopper. At 26 years old, Vicktoria knows that she really appreciates the finer things in life. She grew up very privileged and she expects to maintain that air about her. She is a five star restaurant kind of gal and she enjoys dating distinguished men that can appreciate the cut and cloth of a good suit. If you buy her expensive shoes, she will let you kiss her toes as you strap them to her feet and if you're lucky, she'll let you peek up her skirt at the same time to see if she's wearing any underwear!

Strip Show

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