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Charlotte Madison & Vicktoria / Duo

Charlotte Madison
Age: 19
Origins: Prague / Czech republic
Height: 5.38 ft - Weight: 119 lb - Vital statistics: 35/26.5/35

Age: 26
Origins: Prague / Czech republic
Height: 5.71 ft - Weight: 121 lb - Vital statistics: 37/24/35

Sass meets class when you see Charlotte Madison go nipples to nipples with Vicktoria. Charlotte loves body piercings, tattoos and sex that is aggressive and raw. She's into the underground music scene as well as the hipster culture. Vicktoria on the other hand is a rule follower and a bit more reserved. She enjoys elegant dinners at the finest of restaurants and men that dress in suits and ties. Ironically, they love to perform on stage together as opposites attract!

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