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Heaven & Pauline Cooper / Duo

Age: 24
Origins: Prague / Czech republic
Height: 5.58 ft - Weight: 110 lb - Vital statistics: 34/24/33

Pauline Cooper
Age: 23
Origins: Paris / France
Height: 5.35 ft - Weight: 108 lb - Vital statistics: 33/24/33

When Heaven and Pauline Cooper showed up in the studio at the same time, they took one look at each other and said aloud, "we HAVE to dance together". Heaven and Pauline love the fact that they look so much alike. The are both red heads, standing 2 inches apart and weighing about 2 pounds apart. It's like getting double the pleasure and double the fun! You'll want to download their erotic performances and take them with you everywhere you go!

Strip Show

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