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Monika Benz / Raspberry Red

Age: None
Origins: None / None
Height: None ft - Weight: None lb - Vital statistics: None

Monika Benz is a 26-year-old Czech beauty that is making her iStripper debut. If you love petite, dark haired beauties with tiny tits and tattoos, Monika is a dancer you are going to want to pay attention to! Monika tells us that she is naturally petite and that she really doesn't have to work too hard at staying skinny. In fact, Monika's friends often tease her about how much she eats! She tells us that she isn't the kind of girl that goes on a date with a guy and orders a salad. Quite the opposite in fact! Monika's favorite food is Indian and she tells us that she can eat rather impressive amounts of it. In her spare time, Monika loves dating. She tells us that she is a serial dater and enjoys meeting new people. She is addicted to the "first kiss" feeling and if it's a good one, she is down for hours and hours of making out. After giggling, she admits that the longer "make out" sessions often turn into "take me home" sessions because she's a horny little devil! So show Monika Benz some love and check out all her performances today!

Strip Show

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