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Antonia Sainz / Sexual Tendencies

Age: None
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Height: None ft - Weight: None lb - Vital statistics: None

Antonia Sainz is making her dancing debut here and we couldn't be more happy to have her! Antonia is a pornstar from the Czech Republic and at 24 years of age she is smoking hot. Antonia is new to porn having launched her career in 2015. Still going strong in 2016 she is really starting to make a name for herself in the industry. Antonia has always had a wild side and she isn't one to sit still for very long. She has attended University on and off for a few semesters but couldn't really settle on a major that held her interest for more than a semester or two. That is when she started dancing in clubs to make a little extra money. It was on stage at a popular night club that she was approached by a producer and asked if she would like to get involved in adult entertainment. The rest is history and Antonia now has 27 credits to her name. When Antonia finds she has some time off she loves to travel to new cities and explore the culture they have to offer. They don't have to be far away cities or very exotic for that matter. They can be just a car ride away and offer interesting new museums to attend or restaurants to dine at.

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